Free your sensuality

Are you bored with superficial sexuality and looking for a more deepening experience? It’s wonderful to let go and feel the intensity of sensual touch. To make real contact by sharing your vulnerability with another man. To leave restrictions and taboos behind. Discover your senses in a safe environment and let yourself go.

Allow yourself to try something new. Let go your focus on sex, ejaculation and quick fulfillment of your desires. Then you will experience the difference between sexual (life) energy and your sexual behavior. This opens doors to a new world of erotics and intimicy.


  • Sensual initiation ritual
  • Tantric or taoist erotic massage
  • Four hands tantric massage
  • Pelvic floor (anal) release massage
  • Erotic mind coaching
  • Cuddling session


  • Partner yoga
  • Breathing practice
  • Massage lesson
  • Freedom in restriction (bondage initiation)
  • Naturist sunbathing
  • Food tasting