Strengthen your masculinity

If you are looking for new way to express your masculinity, you’re not the only one. Previous generations of men were taught to deny the receptive, sensitive part of their personality. But men can be strong and collaborating at the same time. We can feel the power of intimacy rather than disconnection and abuse.

Let us allow ourselves to open to the wild, energetic, embodied, creative force of life. Real strength, real masculinity in balance, is full of sensitivity and able to support life, rather than just dominating it. Life can be so beautiful if you are aware of your strong and your vulnerable side.


  • Pelvic floor (anus) massage
  • Freedom in restriction
  • Sensual Tantra (lingam) massage
  • Cleansing and washing ritual
  • Body-oriented coaching


  • Outdoor fitness
  • Playfight ritual
  • Male power meditation
  • Iceman jump in water
  • Find your nature